At Friends Forever Childcare Centre we believe all children can benefit from an early childhood education that is designed to promote their individual needs and, as one of Ontario’s premier childcare centres, it’s our mission to facilitate your child’s personal development in all areas.

Friends Forever staff strive to create a safe, home-like atmosphere with appropriate role modeling and positive reinforcement that allows your child to learn through play and enhance their understanding of the world around them. Along with as-needed emotional support, our approach enhances a child’s self-esteem, and improves their ability to self-regulate. Through this, your child can feel confident in their ability to accomplish anything.


Meet the Executive Director!

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Melanie Ross
founder & executive director

Melanie Ross is the mother of two and has successfully dedicated herself to fostering the development of young children throughout her entire career. She received her Diploma in Early Childhood Education (ECE) from Cambrian College before attending Niagara College where she earned a post-graduate certificate for ECE Resource Teachers.

Prior to opening Friends Forever Childcare Centre, Melanie passionately worked with children in various roles at other daycare centres and as a one-on-one support resource for children with autism.