Friends Forever Childcare Centre is North Bay’s premier daycare centre. We accept children from 1 month to 12 years of age. They will be divided up into 4 age groups; Infant, Toddler, Preschool and School Age.

Program statement

At Friends Forever Childcare Centre we believe all children can benefit from an early childhood education that is designed to promote their individual needs and to facilitate their personal development in all areas ‐ physical, social, emotional, cognitive and intellectual.

We believe that allowing children to learn through play to foster their curiosity and exploration skills. This is the best way for children to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the world. Friends Forever staff provide a safe environment that includes appropriate role modeling and positive reinforcement. We recognize that each child is unique; not one is the same. We believe that all children are competent, capable, curious, and rich in potential. All children develop differently and at different stages from one another. Because of this, our program is inclusive to all and adaptable to meet the needs of all children. We involve all local community partners in our program to enhance the learning environment and to support the children development. With that said, building relationships with community partners allows the staff and family to continually develop and learn.

Teaching children independence and to build their self‐esteem is important to their development. We encourage children to communicate and interact with their peers to help develop their social skills and build their ability to self-regulate. Through this, children will need emotional support which the teachers will strive to provide in our every day program. With that, teachers will work towards having the children feel like they can do anything and only seek assistance from the teachers when needed.

Our Centre provides opportunities for both structured and non‐structured activities which are appropriate to the needs and ages of the children. Children will engage in music and movement, dramatic play, stories, arts and crafts, self-care and much more. We incorporate outdoor and indoor environments to guarantee the children have an opportunity to learn in both settings. Our goal is develop a home‐like environment to ease the transition for all children. Through children’s natural curiosity to explore their environment, we plan a safe setting that first engages and then stimulates physical, social, emotional and cognitive development with a goal to maximizing their potential.

Healthy eating is essential to child development which we promote at the Centre. Building a menu for all children is impossible due to many allergies; we alter all menu items to ensure all children feel included but at the same time eat a healthy and balance diet. To ensure all children are getting their required daily serving of food groups, our menu follows the Canada Food Guide and is looked at by a dietician at our local Health Unit.

For children, a sense of community plays an important role in the development of their feeling of belonging and security. At FFCC, we strive to foster these relationships with the children and families not only when they are in our center but also when they are out in the community. Open communication with the families, allows us to grow together and to help the children progress at their pace. Parents are welcome to communicate and participate with elements of the children’s day.

Lastly, using documentation and review we will continually look at our program and our statement to ensure we are meeting the program needs and changing the statement as we grow and develop.

Our people

We know that parents place a very high value on the quality of our staff. Along with implementing strong recruitment and retention activities, we are committed to staff training and development.
All of our staff have gone through the same rigorous interview process, hold current CPR and First Aid certifications, and have completed a Police Record Check and a Vulnerable Sector Search with the North Bay Police Service. All Early Childhood Educators (ECE) teachers are required to be members of the College of Early Childhood Educators.

Melanie and the family

Melanie Ross

Founder and Supervisor

Melanie Ross has dedicated herself to the field of early childhood development throughout her whole career. She has worked with children in a number of settings including daycare centres and as a one-on-one support resource for children with autism. She has received her Early Childhood Educator Diploma, a post-graduate certificate for her ECE Resource Teacher. Melanie is the mother of two little ones.